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Black Barby Music Festival Black Barby Music Festival


Setareh Delzendeh is a multi disciplinary artist.  She is a graduate of Theatre Design from Art and Architecture Azad University in Iran. She has designed for several film productions including Protest by acclaimed Iranian director Masoud Kimiaei. She was involved in designing and editing a number of short and documentary films back home. She has directed a few short films such as I Have Become, based on Peter Handke’s Self Accusation. Since her arrival in Canada in 2002, she has worked with numerous Theatre, Film and Music Companies such as Modern Times Stage Company, Pacific Opera, Canstage, Theatre Muskoka, Mercury Theatre, Mixed Theatre Company, Bamahamg studios,  The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga and Bam-Stage.


Her desire to create performances that juxtapose different art disciplines led her to create multi art productions since 2008. Her Homeland (2010) and Homeland Variations (2011) were meditations on seeking and accepting home, in a hybrid setting of physical theatre, documentary film and live music. In the 60 min original production of Homeland in 2010, the spoken -- and often unspoken -- words of the personalities in the film were translated into a solo physical performance, against the beat of drums and flow of electronic sequences performed by two musicians on stage. This contemplative journey of words, sounds, and movements, cause one to rethink the definition of home. She created Less Than a Half, a multi-disciplinary performance in 2009. Currently she is working on creating Happiness, a combination of documentary, theatre performance and live music.

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